About Us

About Us

Creating the Future of our Clients.

MUBS Arua Campus

The MUBS Regional Campus-Arua.

Real-life strategy to reach your goals.

The MUBS Regional Campus – Arua was established in 2006 by the MUBS Council, with the aim of extending Business & Management education to the people from the West Nile, North Western Uganda, Sudan, DRC and the world. This was further intended to bring services nearer to the people rather than the communities come to the Main Campus in Kampala.

The Regional Campus – Arua, continues to provide aspiring people young and old, with an opportunity to develop their talents and strength and overcome their fears and weaknesses through different academic and training programmes. The Regional Campus has grown and continued to attract a number of students in different disciplines.

  • The values of the center reflect those of the school, which include;


    Continuous improvement

    An ICT-Oriented Campus



We strive for diversity across the globe

Vision and Mission


To enhance and enable our client’s productivity and competitiveness by providing relevant knowledge and skills through teaching and research.


To enable the future of Clients through the creation and provision of knowledge

Meet our amazing team

Our team is extremely qualified to build and enable the future of our clients.

Gladies Angundaru

Campus Director

Harriet N. Asindiru

HOD, Accounting and Finance

Robert Tabani

HOD, Management and Marketing

Hajara Nalubega

Campus Registrar